Sunday, August 10, 2014


SYSTEM RESTORE: Sometimes it happens that your PC does not run properly. May be, your media player does not work or CD drive does not show. Sometimes, your browser may not work or sound might be uninstalled. Similar problem may arise due to a little file crash in the system software. In this case, you need not install or reinstall your Windows. That will not be wise for you to do so. Rather you can repair your Windows and that will work better.

If you use Windows XP or Windows '07 you can use system restore to repair your Windows. 
WHAT IT IS: System Restore is the process by which you can repair all the faults and flaws created and get it back to the state it was before a certain date. In this process, none of your files will be missing; even you will not need to install any existed files. After all, all of your files and programs will remain intact and additionally you will get a new Windows.
HOW TO APPLY SYSTEM RESTORE: For this purpose, you will need an installation CD of Windows. Make sure that your CD works properly. Next you have to do the following:
  1. Start your computer and enter the BIOS set up pressing Del or F10 just after the screen prompts to do so.
  2. Active Boot tab by pressing arrow key from your key board.
  3. Select CD as your first Boot device.
  4. Save the change and exit from the window.
  5. Now enter your Windows installation CD into your CD drive and restart your computer. (Now computer will start from CD. If you are asked to press any key to run computer from CD, do the same)
  6. Now Windows set up window will appear
  7. You will select Windows repairing button and follow the instructions. 
  8. Select the date before which your computer was as usual as you wish.
  9. Repairing will continue. It will take a few minutes. During the process your computer will restart once.
  10. If the process complete successfully, your computer will restart and you will have your PC as perfect as it was before the date you selected.